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Техническое совещание по практике наставничества и коучинга для управления ядерными знаниями

27 мая 2020

Источник: МАГАТЭ

27 – 29 Jul 2020

Mentoring and coaching plays a major role in the transfer of tacit knowledge from experienced professionals to newcomers or less experienced personnel. Changes resulting from the mentoring and coaching of individuals or groups of employees can have a positive effect on the organization through improved styles of leadership, management and communication, in addition to helping to improve certain technical abilities. Mentoring and coaching enables organizational learning by passing on the important skills, routines, norms and values associated with various business processes and functions. The most significant aspect of mentoring and coaching is that it helps in the transfer of ideas and thought processes, which will foster critical skills, self-confidence and maturity.

The IAEA develops guidance documents to help Member States to introduce knowledge management methodologies in their nuclear organizations. In this endeavour, it was decided to develop an IAEA Technical Document (TECDOC) on mentoring and coaching for nuclear knowledge management, with the aim of gathering successful mentoring and coaching practices and approaches being followed by Member State nuclear organizations.


The purpose of the event is to collect Member States’ experiences, knowledge and best practices associated with mentoring and coaching for knowledge management in nuclear organizations in order to support the ongoing development of a new TECDOC.

The event also offers an opportunity for the participants to learn the international best practices in the area of mentoring and coaching with a focus on developing proactive knowledge management programmes.


The event will include presentations by participants from Member States, international organizations and the IAEA Secretariat. Presentations will be given on experiences and lessons learned in relation to mentoring and coaching approaches in nuclear organizations supporting nuclear energy programmes. It will also include presentations and discussions on the draft TECDOC.

Target Audience

The event is targeted at various types of nuclear organizations, including:

  • Nuclear power plant operators;
  • Nuclear regulators;
  • Nuclear technical support/design/consultancy organizations;
  • Nuclear research and development organizations;
  • Nuclear decommissioning management organizations;
  • Nuclear waste management organizations;
  • Nuclear training and human resource development organizations; and
  • National networks of nuclear organizations, agencies or bodies that support nuclear knowledge management.

These may include individuals who have experience in the implementation or management of successful mentoring and coaching programmes in their organizations.

Working Language(s)


For more details about the meeting, see Information Sheet under Working Documents.

Working Documents

Information Sheet

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